Off the Radar: Periodical Print Media Outside Mainstream Culture, 1800 – Today

“Off the Radar: Periodical Print Media Outside Mainstream Culture, 1800 – Today”

Virtual Postgraduate Conference in Comparative Literature and Culture

January 30/31, 2021

The conference will be held via Zoom, write us an email to join (;


Saturday, January 30

3-3:15pm               Opening Remarks

Welcome by Professor Barbara Schaff, Chair of English Language and Literature, Göttingen University


3:15-4:15 pm               Keynote

Ian Afflerbach, University of North Georgia, USA
“Science Fiction Pulps and Popular Culture”


4:15-4:30 pm               Coffee break


4:30-5:30 pm               Session I Periodical Avant-gardes

Barbara Winckler, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany
“What defines ‘Mainstream’ vs. ‘Niche’ Journal? The Beirut-based journal al-Marʾa al-Jadīda (The New Woman; 1921-27) as an Example: Editors, Authors and Readers – Political and Social Views – Archiving Practices”

Sabrina Czelustek, Leibniz University, Hanover, Germany
“The Avant-garde Scrapbook”


5:30-5:45 pm               Coffee break


5:45-6:45 pm               Session II Navigating Periodical Mainstreams and Niches

Alice Morin, Philipps-University Marburg, Germany
“From Underground to Mainstream? Influences and Convergences in/of Andy Warhol’s Interview’s editorial formula”

Matina Paraskeva, University of Patras, Greece
“Wandering Words: The Case of the Greek Periodical Πλανόδιον (Planόdion)”


Sunday, 31 January


2-3:30 pm               Session III Minorities and Periodical Communities

Moritz Bauerfeind, Basel University, Switzerland
“The Periphery in the Periphery – The Beginning of Jewish Reformed Press in Bavaria”

Hanna Sellheim, Göttingen University, Germany
“Elias Boudinot’s writings in the Cherokee Phoenix as Counter-Discourse of Justice”

Liam Young, Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Canada
“The Lottery of Death: Cattle Plague, Trichinosis, and Vegetarian Periodicals in the 1860s”


3:30-3:45 pm               Coffee break


3:45-5:15 pm               Session IV Mapping Spaces: Identity, Nation, and Place

Avani Tandon Vieira, University of Cambridge, UK
“‘Like Cartographers Mapping the City’: Geographic Negotiations and Indian Literary Subcultures”

Elena Ogliari, Universitá degli Studi di Milano, Italy
“Nationalist Periodicals for Juveniles in Ireland (1910-1920s): A Matter of Negotiation”

Sandra Meerwein, Mainz University, Germany
“MOMENT – The Reconfiguration of Identity through ‘Translocality’”


5:15-5:30 pm               Coffee break


5:30-6:30 pm               Putting Indies and Zines on the Radar

Nina Prader, The Impossible Library, Hamburg, Germany
“Impossible Library Practices”