“Periodicals and Belonging.” ESPRit 2023, Leeds

Contemporary Magazines and Cultural Activism

Chair: Vincent Fröhlich

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On Thursday, June 29th, 2023, members of the Transnational Periodical Cultures group presented some of their findings at the 11th ESPRit conference in Leeds, UK. Sabina Fazli, Jutta Ernst, Lydia Kleinstück and Oliver Scheiding all presented papers during the panel “Contemporary Magazines and Cultural Activism” on the following topics:

Sabina Fazli: “‘8 Magazines Européens Font un Bébé Ensemble’: Europe as ‘Imagined Community’ in the 1983 Joint Special Issues of European Style, Music and City Magazines.”

Jutta Ernst: “Transatlantic Bonds: America’s Agency for Cultural Belonging.”

Oliver Scheiding: “Indi/ymedia: Do-it-Yourself Space Making and Indigenous Zine Series.”

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